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Discover The Proven Secrets To Connect, Convert & Collect Raving Customers and Clients For Life. Attraction Principles That Are Guaranteed To Make Skeptics, Nay Sayers And Hard Nuts To Comply.. On Command!

Dear Friend,

Imagine yourself in a position with absolute power, money, control, passion, trust, happiness and drive to achieve almost everything instantly at the speed of thought.

What if I say, you can have it all in just matter of 2 simple days…..Do you know why I say that, because I have experience it myself and now I want to share it all with you..

Here is a sample of a situation that should give you all I am talking about so far….One word…that’s all it took. One word from me…and a grown man lost consciousness so fast I just couldn’t catch him from falling. One word…with the mind-melting power of hypnosis behind it.

How did I do it? More on that in a minute, but first I need to ask you something…

You’ve dreamed of having that kind of power, haven’t you? Snapping your fingers and watching others jump? Being able to close the sale, get the date, secure the funding? Making others do exactly what you want? You’ve heard the whispered stories…of secret, forbidden hypnotic tactics that melt resistance.

…and the more you hear about these super-stealth forbidden black-belt hypnotic tactics for completely dominating others, the more you want them, am I right?

Because you feel so frustrated when you can’t close sales… When the person you asked out says, “No”… When a potential business partner won’t work with you.

When your employees or family members don’t listen to you. You’ve got a burning desire to become more significant to people, don’t you? To be the one they listen to. The one they trust. The one they OBEY. Yet you haven’t been able to achieve that yet.

Well, it’s not your fault, because…

“Up Until Now, The Power To Control Others Has Been A Closely Guarded Secret Used By The Powerful Mover And Shaker…”

You’ve seen him…

People hang on his every word. With a glance, he can summon or dismiss others. And you can always spot him, can’t you?

He’s the guy in the middle of the room, surrounded by fans and followers who are hanging on his every word. He could call up any of them at 4am and ask them to meet him at the airport for a flight to Beijing…and they’d do it!

He’s dominant. You can tell he’s someone important…someone significant.

He’s got everyone’s approval, and a huge following for his stardom. Yeah, you’ve seen him. And you want to BE him, don’t you?

“Well…What If I Said You Could REALLY Be The One Calling The Shots…REALLY Could Be The One Who Influences Everyone Around You… ALL THE TIME?”

…Imagine gaining the ability to achieve true significance…to be the one who matters, the one people listen to… …Imagine yourself striding confidently into a room full of people…knowing exactly what you want them to do…

….and knowing EXACTLY how to get them to do it. Within minutes, you’ve got heads nodding, and you hear things like…

  • “Yes, I’ll have it done for you by noon Friday”
  • “Yes, I’ll go out with you on Saturday night”
  • “Yes, I’ll approve your business loan”

Listen, I’m going to level with you…I know these techniques work because I use them all the time.

Use This Power To Convey Your Message, Dominate Your Prospects Mind, Eliminate Competition & Demand a Sale

Pretty powerful stuff, isn’t it? You bet it is! So what will you do first when you gain that kind of power?

Start earning commission checks with LOTS of zeros behind them?

Multiply your network of business contacts many times over?

Get clients to say “yes” to you every time?

Seduce the woman or man of your dreams…effortlessly?

Win negotiations every time?

Gain many more friends so you’ll always have people to do things with?

Start a new career as a wildly successful motivational speaker?

NEWSFLASH: No one is born knowing how to influence others. It’s something we learn.

It’s something you will learn, starting right now…After I unlock the GIANT STEEL doors to YOUR INNER MIND.

You can…and will…be a mover and shaker. You can…and will be “that guy.”

And that’s just for starters! But why listen to me? Why should I be the one to teach you? Because I’ve been where you are right now. I’ve been kicked to the curb…dumped on…laughed at.

But then…

“One Shocking Discovery Showed Me The Secret To Achieving Significant Stardom Through Dominance…”

Ever hear the expression “Success Leaves Footprints?” Well, here’s a little secret about me…those footprints showed me the secrets of influencing others.

Let me explain… I’ve been blessed by being able to work with many successful people. They fascinated me—what was it that made them so successful?

I decided to study them closely to see what they had in common…what made them so successful.

Was it their intelligence?

Nope…there are plenty of smart poor folks.

Was it the opportunities they’d been given?

No way…sad to say, most opportunities are wasted.

Maybe they came from wealthy families?

Uh-uh…most of them were self-made millionaires.

And what was their secret?

“It was all about their thinking!”

I started thinking like a pack dog…Pack dogs all work together, pulling a sled, right?

But how do they know which way to go?

The lead dog points the way. With one tug left or right, he influences all those other dogs…with very little effort.

He can do that because he’s positioned himself as the pack leader. He knows exactly what to do to lead the other dogs…and they obey his every command. And then it hit me. That’s EXACTLY what human leaders do!

Let me show you what it looks like in action—watch the video below…

So I started implementing their thinking, and…

“When I Put It To Work For Me, The Doors Of Success Swung Wide Open…”

The results were COMPLETELY MIND-BLOWING! That’s the effect changing my thinking had on me.

Mind-shifts are like that, you know. I can’t emphasize enough how rip-roaring powerful they are. It’s the difference between winning and coming in dead last.

The difference between multi-billion-dollar success and bankruptcy.…even the difference between life and death.

Suddenly, everything looked differently…I mean, WOW! I could do anything—so I did.

I created successful businesses in…

Information Technology

Real Estate Investing

Internet Marketing

Self Improvement

Holistic Health

…and of course, generated some very nice profits along the way. But it wasn’t just about the money…it was about the possibilities.

My new thinking blew the lid off EVERYTHING! All of a sudden, anything was possible… Overnight, I could become…a seminar organizer…a speaker…a Venture Capital negotiator…heck,

I felt powerful enough to cure cancer, climb Mt. Everest and stop global warming.

I became invincible, unstoppable, unlimited—and it’s the best feeling in the whole world!

“Are You Ready To Get Your Hands On The Tools I Use To Achieve Complete Confidence And Absolute Control Over Others?”

…so that you can influence anyone at anytime, practically at will? You’ll be amazed at how easy it is once I show you several hypnotic sales and marketing strategies you can use to achieve absolute control of others.

I’m talking about the big stuff here. The stuff that CEO’s use to keep people loyal and motivated. Forbidden, black-belt secrets of the mind that entrepreneurs use to launch successful products that make millions.

And now I’m offering to put all that power into your hands..Are you ready?

CEO of a Publicly Traded Company Praises 60 Minutes He Spent With Me…

You get every single tool you need to become dominant in other people’s minds..…to build a larger-than-life image so huge that people absolutely have NO CHOICE but to listen to you, work with you, and obey you.

Changing people’s behaviors and habits will become as easy as changing your shoes.

Who Benefits From Iconic Influence?

Sales Professionals Who Need More Closings

Marketers Who Need Higher Conversions

Entrepreneurs Who Need Buy-in From Others

Managers Who Need Their Direct Reports To Comply

Single People Who Want More Dates

Married Couples Who Want To Improve Relationships

…and anyone who’s in the business of selling!

So What Is So Special About Iconic Influence?

Plenty—because I guarantee you’ve never experienced anything as electrifyingly mind-blowing as this. The core idea is very simple…but the practice is what makes it utterly unique. Let me explain…

Its Is All About Three Power Principles

Want to achieve maximum success in anything and everything you do? Then you have to master the art of self-influence.

Self-influence is all about putting yourself in a unique mental and physiological state for higher success. It’s about becoming a kind of magnet that attracts success, and building a rock-solid core that attracts
positive outcomes.

How does it happen? Through the power of sub-conscious programming, also known as self-hypnosis…and I’ll walk you through it step-by-step.

Once you’ve build your solid inner core, you’ll master inter-personal influence. This is all about working with people, for people and by people to gain overall success for yourself and for them.

It’s a huge win-win because success is a two-way street—you AND your prospects win! How do you do it? By tapping into someone’s subconscious mind…otherwise known as Hypnosis.

Now you’re ready to create a character, an image, a brand for yourself. You explore all mediums to reach markets and prospects.

This is about creating a larger-than-life presence for yourself. Your image will be so large that your competition stands virtually no chance. You do this by using subliminal messages in your communication, also known as covert hypnosis.

$20~$30k Increase In Profits As A Result Of Srini’s Ideas….

“Need Details? Here They Are..”

If you want to be successful, you’ve got to master Self-Influence because it’s the very core of all success. Without it, there is no success. Yet most marketing gurus and teachers jump the gun by pushing you into mass influence techniques like web traffic creation, affiliate marketing, branding, and more…and all of that costs money.

And if your monetization model isn’t perfect, you might end up without a lot to show for all your hard work. This happens with many marketers. This is “mass influence in play”…these gurus are doing an excellent job of influencing you to go out and become a mass influencer so you can attract lots of customers and money.

But they’re putting the cart before the horse…because the truth is that no one can benefit from mass influence until they master the psychology of self-success. To make a million dollars, you have to make the first dollar first. This applies to self-influence…if you want to become a mass influencer or persuader, you have to master YOUR OWN STATE first.

That means mastering the way you act.The way you react. Once you’ve accomplished that, reaching out to the masses becomes much easier.

This Is So SCARY.. Couldn’t Someone Misuse The Power?

Yes, they can, so please pay close attention to what I’m about to say to you…

Iconic Influence is an amazingly effective set of practical tools that you can quickly learn and master to achieve win-win solutions. And yes, you could use Iconic Influence to misguide or deceive people. But why would you do that when it’s unethical and immoral…and possibly illegal?

Learn and use these invaluable skills to help others without harming them. If you know that a prospect will benefit from your product or service, then you’d be doing them a disservice if you didn’t recommend your product.

I encourage you to use Iconic Influence to get in front of prospects who need your service, help them decide, and deliver value to them. Believe me, they’ll thank you and bless you for your help! And then you’ll attract more business and all-around success.

Millionaire From Australia Says.. Srini’s Is A Real Deal

Are You Ready To Take Charge With Power Tools I’llPut In Your Hands At The Iconic Influence Intensive Event? …

If you are…

Fed up with feeling powerless as others make decisions that affect you…and you want to turn the tables and influence them.

Ready to step up and take control instead of BEING controlled.

Burning with ambition to take your career or business to the next level and beyond.

Curious about secret “black belt of the mind” techniques that those in the know use every day…behind the scenes.

…then this is EXACTLY what you need! So here’s what you must do

Srini Shared 3-Tehcniques That Will Take My Business To The Next Level

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…because I’m limiting the number of participants in this life-changing seminar to 20.

Why? Because to truly change your life, you need to get this information one-on-one…and 20 is the maximum number of people I can do that for.

You know what that means, right?

Uh-huh—you’d better claim your seat before someone else does! This workshop is so red-hot, it WILL sell out, so you need to stand up and shout…

  Need To Know How Much Your Investment In Gaining Unprecedented Power Over Others Will Cost You?

OK, but first let me get something off my chest…

…it was really very hard to price this because it’s so mind-blowing and powerful.
How much is it worth to you to turn a “No” into a “Yes?”

How much would you pay for absolute obedience?

What is the ability to win someone’s heart worth?

If I lay the tools in your hands to totally transform your entire life, what’s that worth?    …PRICELESS, right?

The nearest thing that comes close is graduate-school tuition. And that costs $10,000, $20,000…up to $100,000.

Don’t worry…you won’t need student loans for this educations…and you’ll gain the type of real world knowledge and life-changing skills to REALLY make a difference…

…and you won’t even pay as much as a wasted year at most community colleges.

And today your price for a VIP seat to the hottest event that puts lifelong success tools in your hands is only $2997 $1997 $997

Haven’t made up your mind yet?

Go ahead—it’s safe! You’re covered by my tough-as-titanium 100% Money Back Guarantee…

  YES, I’m Ready To Transform My Life— I’m Clicking For Iconic Influence Intensive

Now it’s time for you to decide… Will you keep on letting people push you around?

Letting people walk all over you?

…and seething with pent-up frustration because things don’t go your way and you can’t do anything about it?

Or will you let me show you how to change EVERYTHING? You know you should be the one giving the orders. You know you deserve to become the icon others look to.

And you know I can make that happen for you.

Hey, I can’t choose for you…but at the workshop, I WILL show you exactly how to hypnotize and control others, step-by-step…so you can get what you want. Make the right choice. Click that link above.

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Until then,

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